Hire a professional to work on your electrical system

When you add onto your home, remodel your home or build a new home, it's extremely important that you get the electrical installation work or adjustments correct. Incorrectly installed wiring can cause sparks, fires and property damage. Fortunately, an excellent residential electrician is right around the corner.

Trust your next electrical installation to Paradise Construction in Washington, DC & Bethesda, MD.

New Construction Washington, DC

New Construction

Let our team install a new electrical system at your home.

Remodeling Washington, DC


Don't start your remodel without a licensed electrician.

Home Additions Washington, DC


We'll make sure your home addition is powered properly.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Washington, DC

Panel Upgrades

Keep your home safe with a new electrical panel.

Your Electrical System Is a Hot Topic

Discuss it with your residential electrician in Washington, DC, Bethesda, MD & surrounding areas.

Your electrical system is critical to the function of your house and needs to be kept in good working condition at all times. The best way to keep it running well is by working with a well-qualified residential electrician. At Paradise Construction, we provide top-notch electrical services to the Washington, DC & Bethesda, MD area.

Our most popular services include:


  • Electrical installations
  • Electrical repairs
  • Electrical wiring for home additions
  • Electrical panel upgrades



Don't ignore troubles with your electrical system. Reach out to a residential electrician from Paradise Construction in Washington, DC & Bethesda, MD now.


Residential Electrician Washington, DC

How does electricity flow through your home?

A great way to update your home's electrical system is with a panel upgrade. Your electrical panel has breakers that control the power to various parts of your home. When any of these breakers go bad, it will shut down power to a certain part of your home.

Discover more about how breakers affect the flow of electricity through your home. Talk to our team about our electrical services today.