Your Home's Safety Is in Your Hands

Ask about our electrical panel upgrades in Washington, DC, Bethesda, MD & surrounding areas.

Your electrical panel is the hub that controls all of your electrical power. With your panel, you can shut off electricity to any room or appliance, or even the whole house if you need to. Unfortunately, these panels don't last forever. If your panel is more than 30 years old, you'll have to inspect and possibly replace it. Paradise Construction can handle this for you.

If you've noticed...

  • Flickering lights
  • Breakers that trip often
  • Bulbs that burn out frequently

...then it's definitely time to ask about electrical panel upgrades. Contact Paradise Construction in Washington, DC & Bethesda, MD at 202-553-4171 as soon as possible.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Washington, DC

Make the safe choice. Upgrade your panel.

Once you notice signs like flickering lights in your home, it's important that you have your panel inspected soon. A faulty electrical panel can cause a fire in your home. Don't take that chance.

Paradise Construction has carried out many electrical panel upgrades. We can install a safe, new panel quickly. Contact our team in Washington, DC right away.